Client Cream Fiction
City Jakarta
Year 2019
Scope Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design

When you live in a country where the sizzling summer lasts for a year, having a cup of ice cream is the most refreshing to do. Cream Fiction offers the American-inspired signature ice cream, the good old fashioned way. Their mission is to provide an authentic ice cream creations of uncomprising quality, including fresh milk, cream, and all-natural ingredients from true home recipes at the best possible value. 

When we first brainstormed, we decided to develop the brand from the name itself: "Cream Fiction". While the word "cream" evokes the feeling of indulgence, comfort and wholesomeness, "fiction" suggests the sense of creativity and imagination behind the product offering. Whether it's an ice cream sandwichees, pints, or tubs, the brand aims to embellish that cheerful moment of the dessert. Prompting the dreams beyond imagination. Sweet dreams are made of this.

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